Sunday December 11, 2022 at 4pm

$20 - PREMIUM VIP (includes premium seating, 12 door prize tickets, special treat bag!)

$10 - General Admission (includes 6 door prize tickets)

$5 - Budget/Or buy one for someone who needs a ticket

(Free admission always available for those who really can't afford a ticket!)


MESSIAH Ticket Types
Name to hold tickets

When you purchase your SSO tickets with Paypal, Zelle or by Phone, your name (or the ticket holder name you enter) will be placed on a list at the door. No tickets are mailed. You may bring your Paypal receipt or have it handy on your phone or mobile device to confirm. (If you forget, don't worry - we will have the list!)


To use Zelle instead of Paypal, use our to confirm our Zelle identity (send the appropriate amount, and include a note to indicate how many tix of each type you are purchasing. You can also email us to give full info. We will send you a confirmation) 



To order by phone, please email

and we will make arrangements to call you!